tirsdag 17. juli 2012

One step forward, three steps back.

Do you sometimes feel like me? That you take one step forward and then instead of taking another one forward you take three steps backwards in stead!?
I feel that sometimes I'm on the right path and I'm making right choices. But then suddenly I do something wrong or even something stupid and it throws me off course.
And in other cases, it's about feeling that I am growing and evolving as a person and learning from my experience, but then the very next second I say or do something that makes me feel like I haven't learned ANYTHING!
These situation are so frustrating. But I guess it's just a part of life, I learn and grow as long as we live. Even though it sometimes doesn't feel or seems like it.

mandag 16. juli 2012

Lack of good deeds

I was just thinking about different deeds. Sometimes I feel like I am not doing good deeds. I am not doing anything wrong or doing bad deeds. It's more lack of good deeds. And then I find myself wondering why that is. What keeps me from doing good things. Because in my mind, doing good things and deeds is some of the best things you can do! Particularly when you do them for someone else.

As christians I think it is especially important to do good things and be good to each other. And unfortunately sometimes I think it is easy to forget. Sometimes we slip up and we sin. But if you ask me, I think most of the time its more that we dont do anything. And I think that "the man downstairs" (as I like to call the "badguy") is influencing us. I think he makes us forget what and whos important. And I actually think he doesn't influence us so much to do bad and evil. I just think he makes us "forget" to do good. Because if you ask me, it is when I do good things for others that I feel closest to God. And I think that is exactly what he ("the man downstairs") wants. He doesn't want us to have fellowship with God. o i just want t encourage everybody to be strong, do good deeds and have fellowship with God.