søndag 28. august 2011

On my way.

I never really told why I chose to call this blog: On my way. Well, there is a reason for it, and here it comes. I chose to call it on my way, because that is what I am. I am on my way through life. Life is a road that we travel on, and we are all on our way. Some of us have travelled futher, while others are futher behind. So I kind of guess that this is a little view in to my journey in life.

søndag 21. august 2011

When I was walking from the main house up to my room, I walk past a group that was sitting at the lawn, singing. The waived for me to join them, and I did. They were singing worships songs. It was so good to join them! These students inspire me so much! There they were, taking initiative for them self, worshiping in Gods nature! And I were able to join them! I do believe this will be a blessed year!

fredag 19. august 2011


Questions of the day:
What is really forgiveness? And can we truly forgive others if we can't forgive us self? Who has the right to forgive anyway? And if we forgive, does that mean that we forget it? But then if we don't forget it, have we actually forgiven?

lørdag 13. august 2011

Last week I was at TMF (NMS U) and UL (NLM). It was really nice. And personally, I think I really needed it! But at UL I went intercession. And I talked with one of the persones there and I talked with him about being weak! Because I think that the human in me is my biggest ememy! So some times i feel really human and weak, and I fail. But the man said something that got me thinking. "I think Jesus came for people like us, like you and me. He didn't come for the perfect people, because they don't need saving." I think that is true. And I also think that it it good to be honest and I think it is good to
I have changed my mind. I said tha tthis would be about my everyday life as well. I think that this blog will be more just about my thoughts and my reflections, and that my other blog will be more about my everyday life.

tirsdag 9. august 2011

Here we go

Here we go again. I thought that I had put all this blog-writing stuff behind me. that I had been writing it for the last time. But that was before I knew that I was going back to Hald. And here I am, again. And I am so happy about it. I was sitting and thinking about how to best keep my family and friends updated. And here is the answer. And when I thought about it, to write a blog is actually really nice. I enjoy it.
So on this blog I will write about my everyday life for all of you loved once, but I will also share my feelings and thoughts along the way! Hope you enjoy it!