fredag 23. september 2011

What matters?

Who do you spend your time on,
the people who you know, or the people that needs it!?
What do you think about? What do you focus on?
Do you care only about your self or about others?
What's important to you? What matters? 
WHO matters?

What's the focus of your life?

What is important in your life? What do you spend your time on? What do you focus on? What do you follow? What is the truth in your life? And most important of all: who do you focus on?

torsdag 22. september 2011


Have you ever thought about the meaning of life, what you want to do with it, what you can do with it? Have you ever though about what you want to do with the gifts or resources have gotten, the reason for your action or what you want with your actions? And have you ever asked yourself in a situation; What Would Jesus Do?

søndag 18. september 2011

What if His people prayed.

This song tell us a lot about prayer!


Why do you pray? For who do you pray? Do you pray for your own sake, for others sake or for Gods sake? When do you pray? Do you pray when things are going great or when are thing are going bad? What do you pray for about? For things for your self, for blessing for other or do you give praise and thank you to him?

lørdag 17. september 2011


I havn't been blogging that much lately. But I have been posting some videos from youtube. I want the lyrics to speak for them self. Take your time, and listen to what it is actually saying.

Be a rolemodel, and show Gods love!

The lyrics of ths song is so good and strong. Listen to it and think about it!

How you you live and who are you? Is it who and how you want it to be? Or can you do better? Are you true to God creation? And are you good to others, the rest of Gods creation?
Or do they deserve better of you?

fredag 16. september 2011


Gods love, mercy and grace are so much bigger and much stronger than we can understand.

onsdag 14. september 2011


Last week was not the best week. Two of my (grand)aunts died. First of all, it was really sad, but it was hard to focus on being at Hald.; my thought went to my family. But I went to one of the funerals, and that was really good. I got to say goodbye, I heard a lot of good things about her, and i also got to be there for my grandmother. And all of the students at Hald were really supportive and caring. I also think that it is easier to handle because they were ready. One of them said that she was ready to move home to heaven! So I think that because of it I have peace, and that is good!

Open the yeas of my heart.

The lyrics are really good!
Please God. I just want to try to see more of you and realise a littlebit more who you are and undetstand a little bit more about you nature. Make my human ind be opened and open my eyes so I can see more of you in my life.

torsdag 1. september 2011

How he loves us so!

This song is really good. Take your time and listen to the lyrics, especially on the chorus.

God loves us for who we are. How crazy isn't that!? Have you actually thought about how extremly lucky you are. And because of Jesus, you are saved! We are Gods children, and all we ahve to do is to turn to him. He is our father, and He is always there!
Yeasterday it was wednesday, and therefore we also had Questions of Life. I have an international group, and my group is really open and reflected. So it is very good!